Tuesday, May 1

Tuesday, May 1st...2012... The Last of What I Call A Miserable Month......

I started this blog post yesterday, Monday morning...at 6:45 telling about Sunday and never got it finished until this morning at 9:30 ,to find an ugly, rainy, cold dampness this Tuesday that cuts right through you... Anyway, here is yesterday and today's blog post.

Monday, April 30th...Rush as We Might, There Is Never Enough Time in a Day...

No matter how hard we try or how fast we move, we can’t seem to finish our planned and intended list of tasks to do in a days time. Obviously it is because we find ourselves doing more and more of the things we find needing done which are not on our list when we start out for the day. As I mentioned yesterday...I am limited as to what I can do with my hand being bruised, so that doesn’t help either.
I started out the morning by locking the alpacas and sheep in so I could open the barnyard gates. I needed to bring a new round bale into the barnyard, drop it, install the railing that keeps it from falling over and killing the animals. I then cleaned up the remnants from the old bale. There is always a ball of binder twine and some of the stale outer rind of the old bale, which needs bucketed over the fence into the weeds. It looked so good, that I just continued to back drag the entire barnyard and adjoining pasture, cleaning it up considerably. Today, I’ll try to move the big pile to the Fort Apache area, where we began a pile for the gardens. Once there, we can blend peat moss and sand or dirt into the mix to get it ready for amending the soil in the raised gardens.
I will definitely get the incubators in the brooding house set up and going this morning or afternoon. After that, We should have all three incubators running with turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl and a few chickens on board. We are not planning to incubate many chickens this year, but you have to hatch a few for renewal of the flock's layers as the old hens become inefficient.
If I have time, I’ll get the swimming pool pump/filter on the deck and hook it up. I’ll have to add a little water to the pool level and then we can begin the arduously miserable job of constant cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and cleaning. Taking care of the pool fills my days, my dreams and creates my nightmares.........
Wahoo....as always, as soon as you get going, something else turns up. The Verizon service man just showed up to correct our DSL problem of snail speed internet connection. He is going to pull a new line all the way to the router to eliminate a menagerie of piggy backed plugs the original DSL guy installed two years ago when we had Verizon. He tells me this will correct everything and we should be getting excellent Internet connections after he is done.
As soon as he is finished, I’ll go back out to the brooding house to finish the incubator setups.

Tuesday... As I said Yesterday...There’s Never Enough Time To Live Our Lives...

The guy finished the phone yesterday at 2:30...I didn’t have time to finish the posting because of all the other things needing taken care of and getting Vick's father to a Doctor's appointment at 4:00 pm. Before I knew it, we were in bed, watching the news, when I remembered the blog....
Aw Jeeze, I thought...more of the same....always more of the same.
Now this morning, it is raining cats and dogs and I cannot do anything else; important as they may be to the farm in the near future...because it is almost all outside work. I can however fill the incubators if the temperature held overnight. I actually did get the replacement motor installed on the egg turner in the one incubator and plugged both into the power outlet before the Verizon guy showed up. I’ll place eggs in one or both if I go out and find the temperature at 99.5° and holding. I do need to go to the dollar store and purchase a bunch of sponges for in the bottom of the incubators to hold the humidity. Their little troughs intended for water do not work that well and water runs out weep holes around the troughs and all over the table top when filling them. I found that placing sponges around the perimeter of the incubator prevents this and holds the water much longer too.
I’ll just bum around this morning and when we go to walk (Judy's dog) Miss Kitty, I’ll stop at the dollar store and get the sponges. For now, I’ll go check the temperatures in the two incubators in the brooding house and adjust if needed...giving more time to level out before getting back. I need to check the forty-one Royal Palm turkey eggs in the basement incubator too. They are nearly mid term and need candled to see if they are fertile. Stay tuned for the excitement in the near future and during the long haul.......

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