Friday, November 16

Okay, ya’ll…here we are in the third day after my major knee surgery and I think we’re doing pretty darned good…don’t you? I can’t and won’t be able to do too much in way of barn work in the real near future, but that’s okay. We can wait. Vick will have help where she needs it and I’ll pop back much quicker than I thought I would.
The biggest problem right now is the Oxicodone pills, which let your head about a step and a half behind the rest of you as you try to function. Until I can get away from them, I have to count on Vick to make sense for me…..Here are a few pictures.


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  1. food! I see they have you stapled, Ouch! Is that a bionic knee they gave you? Take care of that one please. Speedy recovery Skip. M


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