Friday, November 9

This morning I am writing this post on a new eMachine tower we picked up last evening. I was out of memory on my old eMachine, which caused everything to run slow. When you develop web sites and do blogs and write books, you had better have one of the biggest computers you can get. This one is 450GB…considerably more than the 800MB I had. I wish it was a 1.8TB like my external hard drive!The old tower was filled to capacity. This one, with all the old data and files now added onto it like the old one…is only 25% full. Imagine if I didn’t have the external hard drive to house all my regular unused documents, along with all the web site documents. Yikes… As you can see, I’m getting pretty good at backing up and reloading a computer. After all the virus problems, web site problems and crashes…plus things like this (new equipment change-over’s…etc.), you get pretty proficient. I downloaded and switched over at 9:30 last evening…went to bed at 3:45 AM and rolled out of bed at 7:30 AM and finished by 8:30 AM.
You can’t even get that speed from Staples or Best Buy!!
Here are some pictures of the new tower and the old, in comparison.
The new tower with the external drive beside it....
3-1/2 inches lower and 3 inches thinner....WOW! 
This old dinosaur was twice as big as the new tower....
I have to go now. I have an appointment with a cardiologist today to gain clearance for the knee operation on Tuesday. Since I had two heart attacks in 1995, I need to see this dude before I can gain clearance to go under the knife.
Jeese um, just do it!

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