Wednesday, February 13

I am still remiss about blogging on a regular basis and for that I apologize to all those of you that check regularly for my daily post. The winter is a good time for anyone to become depressed. Couple that lousy depression toward cold; miserable days that impede your ability to do things outside with other things you did not expect to have plaguing you and you have a desire to do nothing!
The other evening, I walked off the little one step rise at the back door without stepping down and really jarred my leg! (not the one operated on thank God)
That intelligent accomplishment is now causing me to walk with a severe limp again. I was taking the trash containers out front and decided to check with Vick, to see if there were any garbage bags in the house to place in the containers before removing them from the deck. I walked to the rise and yelled to Vick inside, asking her if there were any bags to go. She heard me, but could not make out what I said, so I leaned forward and opened the screen door. She started toward the door and I stepped up on the edge of the rise and opened the door to talk to her. After she gave me the bag, I closed the door, turned and thinking I was still on the lower level where I was previously, I started toward the trash container and stepped into thin air. I did not fall, but I did jam my leg down hard as my weight planted slightly forward on my right knee. OUCH!!!
By the next morning I could tell there was some swelling present in the tendon which was sore.
Vick has been inserting needles nightly, in different positions to release those healing endorphins and reduce the swelling. Even though they help is another thing that I didn’t expect to deal with, which helps hold me back again.
Vick is dealing with a sore back and legs for some reason too. We are actually attributing it to walking on the snow and ice, which causes her to walk erratically, tense and rigid all the time. If her foot slides, she immediately stiffens and jerks from head to toe, which is a terrible stress on the body. I think she actually jerks herself out of alignment, making muscles spasm and overlap, causing severe pain until she again gets to the chiropractor for a muscle manipulation, re-alignment and stress reduction on her back.
Ohhhhhhhh, come on spring!
I long for the warm sunshine, calm breezes that carry lovely fragrances of spring flowers which are blooming. The animals carelessly play and shuffle all around the barn yard, obviously happy as nature again comes to life.
I’m ready!! 
Vick does so much better than me. Even though she has nagging pain, she continues to function around the house, cooking and cleaning...and then creating artwork like the mosaic below that she calls "Sparky"... A little different but definately a cute addition to here collection of special art glass! 
Sparky has been scared to death...
Look close at his heart...He has been zapped...
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