Wednesday, March 27

Birthdays Aren't As Important As The Day


What a great morning on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm, this beautiful sunny morning of March 27th.
What a lovely day for a birthday…something which I certainly don’t look forward to anymore, because after 50 a person wants to stop counting. By 62, a birthday is something one really doesn’t need any longer.
I remember as a preteen, looking forward to becoming a teenager. Next, I remember looking forward to the age 16…when I could drive. After that, I remember looking forward to 21…when I could drink. Beyond 21 I don’t remember much significance in birthdays as they came and went. I do remember my 50th birthday, because everyone constantly makes that statement about being over the hill at 50 and it’s a downhill slide from here, or you’re too old to cut the mustard anymore. From 50 years old until 55, it was another waiting game…why, because at 55 I was retiring. However, I did not envision becoming divorced, living in my father’s driveway in a camper, retiring and coming to New York at age 56…especially to help a friend and then never going back. God certainly has a way of molding your life when you get to the point where it needs to be molded for you. I was removed from a bad marriage, a life of unhappiness where I was physically beat. After a year of quiet recovery, I met the love of my life…in a friend I never expected.
Vicki came to me as a result of heartbreak in her previous life too, because her husband of many years died of pancreatic cancer, leaving her lonely and in a place she didn’t want to be. She left New Jersey… buying a house in New York, without selling her house in Jersey first. With the economy as it was and being alone, it could only be assumed that God gave her the fortitude and guidance to strike out on a new path. I had sold her a puppy in 2004 and as a result, became friends of the family. We stayed in touch by email until my world fell apart in 2005.  When she found out I was retired, free and living alone, she contacted me and asked if I would help her check out a house she was purchasing. Being an electrician and amateur builder, I agreed to come to New York to check the overall structure, electric, plumbing and heating system for her. (It was also a good way for me to get away and see beautiful New York and the Catskills for awhile while helping a friend in need.)
Afterword, Vick ask if I would be interested in helping to remodel the upstairs and kitchen. I had nothing better to do and accepted the offer to work for her. I never returned to Pennsylvania to live again.
Surely, this was God’s plan for me, along with his plan for Vicki. I helped her with the house, helped her start a farm and build a hospice gift shop.
Now Vick paints watercolor pictures and does beautiful stained glass artwork while I write my books and blog. As a result of our story, I have a book called, “It all began with a puppy, our uncommon journey”. I’m also working on another book about growing up in the 60s in an old iron mining town next to our village. It is simply chapters of my life as I was growing up. I will add these two books to the four I already have on as we live our lives among the animals and our friends, day by day… Thank you God…for Vick and ALL my numerous blessings!

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