Saturday, August 24

Another Day Away and the Farm Is Still Here In One Piece…

Yesterday I got up at my usual 7:30…when Casey Mae decides it’s time to start her day…or at least do her first tinkle of the day. She is energetically followed by the other three dogs, eager to do their business and greet the new day too, so it’s off to the sliding glass door, where all four are awaiting the dash for the yard once I open the door. I then go to the kitchen and get the freshly ground coffee beans into a half a pot of perking coffee before putting the days pills out and heading to the bathroom myself.
Shortly, the dogs are finished and ready to go back up to bed…filling my spot close by Vick. Ahhh, now who’s the smart one? I stay up and sip coffee while writing these entries and the dogs go back to bed in my spot? Yeah… that’s a good question all right…
Sometimes after reading emails and writing the daily post, I’ll go in and pop on the couch, watching TV…and before you know it, I’ll wake up again and it’s near noon. That can happen unless Vick comes down before that. (Some nights Vick doesn’t get to sleep because of foot pain, cramps in her feet and calves or the dogs were difficult all night long. When I get up in the morning, she then relaxes knowing I’m up and taking care of things.)
I went out around 11:30 to let the chickens loose…actually I needed to release the guinea fowl with the peeps so they could get out and feed in the yard. When I went out the door, I immediately saw little white ping pong sized white spots all over the yard. They were zinging all over the place WITHOUT the protection of their parents. Somewhere they slipped through a hole and were out alone for God knows how long.
I immediately let the parents out and within a few minutes they had all sixteen of the poults back in a family-like group.

With the animals all loose for the day, I talked to Vick and we decided to take a day trip to New Paltz sight-seeing. Vick hasn’t been there since her youth, and I was never there before. We had a very delicious Thai dinner at the restaurant shown below before sight seeing.
After dining, we checked out  the town and found a quaint, dog friendly little plaza. (See the pictures below) We went into some of the little shops at the Water Street Market, on the south end of town before heading home. 

 If you ever have time and can go for the day, just plug New Paltz, NY into your Google maps browser and then enlarge the map and look for water street on south main. There you will find Mud Puddle Coffee, which is in this little Plaza Mall.

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  1. Very neat little community, I wish I lived closer so I could go check it out! I could spend all day walking around little shops like those. I also love that water garden, I bet its peaceful sitting beside it. Thanks for sharing your Day Trip and the wonderful pics that go with it!


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