Tuesday, August 27

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…Hope the Mouse Does Better…

I slept until 8:00Am yesterday morning…a feat almost un-heard of. Upon arising, I turned the dogs loose, made coffee, turned the animals loose and got ready to go to Albany where Vick went for acupuncture. We then ran some errands to Lowe’s and Trader Joe’s in Colonie.
When we returned home, we worked a little on the posts for the tractor shed. We got three installed permanently and one sitting in the open hole before I couldn’t stand the lousy heat and humidity. That fourth post measured about six inches off the mark…an indicator of why we shouldn’t rush to accomplish things in a drizzling rain and humid heat. Couple that with a posthole digger as it naturally jumps and bucks its way through stony dirt and you have potential for the auger to drift off mark. Also, miserable people make miserable mistakes. I should know better!
Today we’ll correct that with a digging iron and shovel by hand, before going any further. The posts need to be correct or the roof will never fit square! You certainly can’t curve straight metal roofing, that’s for sure.
We will begin measuring and drilling post holes…one at a time, until all of them are installed plumb and square. After that, we will install the top rails around the posts to define where the roof rafters will rest and be supported. They will be the doubled ten foot 2x8’s between posts, front and rear. The 15’ tie boards will only be 2x6 because they are not load bearing…just tie boards.
Josh will be here today, so we’ll use his brawn to help place the posts after he is done with the barn cleaning. If all works well, we can use him to help place the top rails too. Below are pictures of yesterday afternoons progress. I also threw in a picture of the beautiful Rose of Sharon and Vick’s black eyed Susan’s out front. The final picture is my secret, early morning spot for writing, reading and sipping coffee.
Sometimes I don’t get a chance to get out there in the morning before everything and everybody becomes active. Once that happens, we have to move on with the day’s agenda. It is special when I can get out there to daydream or just relax to listen to the morning noises…head laid back on the backrest of the platform rocker, with my eyes closed. I allow myself to be taken where ever my mind or sub-conscious takes me as I glide back and forth on the rocker.
It is cool and comfy with a usual slight breeze moving through the screens…so it’s the perfect spot to “Just exist without meaning” for as long as I can sometimes. Sometimes I write; other times I read, but anytime out there is rewarding. When it is hot, I simply turn the ceiling fan on low and enjoy the man-made breeze on my sweaty body as I relax. I often think…everyone should be aware of such a spot to escape life’s demands.
Later today or tomorrow morning I will offer more progress or achievement, whatever it may be deemed, but change in any event.   

 The leaning post to the right is off by six inches....
 The other end of the building will be where the auger rests...
 They live and they die...as witnessed here...Beautiful though...
My tiny early morning corner of the world...fantasies abound here...
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