Thursday, August 29

Some Days The Progress Is Like The Wind...It's There, But You Don't See It!!!

So…yesterday seemed like such a bust by the end of the day because my foot was really giving me problems. Vick and a chiropractor that comes here for eggs thinks that the pain is coming from my back and the way I sit on the couch, so last night, I put a thick cushion on there and sat on it. I didn’t sink in as much and this morning, I feel pretty good. Maybe they’re on to something! One day I’ll finally realize that Vick is usually onto everything (almost).
Anyway, the reason I say it seemed like a bust, is because we got a call from Sandra, up at the family sawmill, saying they had all the lumber we wanted and all we had to do was  come on up and get it. We jumped into the truck and headed to East Berne to get the wood before they left for lunch at noon. After loading the wood, we very carefully drove home with sixteen foot 2x4’s in a seven foot truck bed. We simply let the tail gate down and extended the lumber through the rear sliding windows of the cap and truck and into the cab. There were only seven 2x4’s, so all the other lumber was completely in the bed, but we still drove very slow and carefully anyway. When we got home, I unloaded that wood while Vick went to walk our friend’s dog. I hooked the trailer onto the truck and by the time Vick returned, we were ready to go to GNH Lumber for the sixteen 2x8’s 16” long. We needed the trailer because that many would never fit through the truck windows and were quite a heavy load.
Although we began installing the roof, I hit the wall with my foot and working on the ladder, so we called it quits at 5:30 and went to dinner at Hollowbrook restaurant, for their early bird special of honey chicken.
When we got home, I spent the rest of the evening looking over my new laptop computer I got for free in a lawsuit I didn’t even know I was part of. The group settlement was credit for a computer of your choice. I received my certificate voucher a few weeks ago and on Monday, I ordered a laptop. It came yesterday (Wednesday)…WOW. It cost me nothing…no tax or shipping…just a $365.00 computer in a box. It uses the windows 8 platform, so I’ll be busy for awhile learning that. It’s interesting to say the least…
I have no pictures to show today, because all there is different from yesterday is the added pile of lumber we picked up. Tomorrow, or later today if all goes well, we’ll have updated pictures of the project…(Hopefully ready for a metal roof…)

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