Thursday, August 15

We’re Back In The Saddle Again…Down Here On The Farm…

Yes we’re back where we’ve always wanted to be. We’re now doing more farming than building…finally. Yesterday our first set of chicks of the season arrived…and today the second set arrived sometime around 7:00 this morning. The post office called then to tell us that they had come in and needed picked up. It wasn’t much of a problem, because after picking up 16 yesterday and settling them in under lights with water and food, all had to do today was open the package, water each chick and place them on the feed. 16 of them are Golden Red Laying chickens and 16 are Silver Cockerel meat birds, so ½ of them will enter the general population to start laying eggs, while the other 16 will go to the fenced run at the brooding house and live on the floor again until time to harvest them.   

 Yesterday's shipment of Golden Red egg layers
 Today's shipment of Silver Cockerel meat birds... (the dark ones)

Golden Red's huddle together, the Cockerels are brave
We’re about ready to plot the post location for the new run in shed which will replace the one lost to the fire. It will now measure 15’ x 30’ with room to expand later. It will house the tractor, backhoe attachment, posthole attachment and our four skids of wood pellets for the winter. It’s going to have a metal roof and I will probably place a shed roof attachment over the utility trailer.

The new shed covers the concrete pad & 30' to right
I took a few extra pictures of the pond, our fish and an ol’ bullfrog that lives there.

 Front of barn before siding it...
 Front after applying the siding boards...

A very picturesque setting for the farm...
 Ol' Mister Bullfrog doin' his thing...

The fish enjoying the clean pond water...
More later…..We’re busy now.

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  1. I love the pics of the chicks, they remind me of little fuzz balls! My grandparents use to have a farm and I always loved holding the chicks when they were just little.
    Your farm looks very nice and a beautiful country view, looks like something from a magazine!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the compliment. We work hard at keeping it nice so families can come with their kids and see the animals and farm life. No child should think that eggs come from cardboard cartons or a store. Here they can reach under a hen and remove an egg...walk within three feet of a flock of Canadian Geese or see turkeys and their young. Ducks and chickens are all around them and the alpacas walk to within three feet of them too. People want to pay us for this, but we insist it is free to them. We tell them to donate to the hospice fund if they want to give money....We all win that way.


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