Friday, September 6

A Breath of Fall Put A Chill In My Bones Last Evening…

Yesterday I unpacked the light we special ordered for the barn. It was a green goose necked lamp like they used on the front of old general stores in the fifties…and we figured it was just the thing to finish off the front of the barn. After ordering it from California and waiting about three weeks for it to come, I opened it to assemble and install yesterday. To my dismay, there was a large nut missing that holds the shade to the lamp socket. I immediately called the company and the lady on the phone informed me to fill out a claims form and they would address it immediately by sending the missing part. After filing that, I went off to install purlings on the tractor shed. In the midst of working on the tractor shed, the UPS truck pulled in and delivered my missing nut for the light. Yep…strange as it seems, three hours later, the truck shows with the mysteriously missing piece. Hmmmmmm…
We finished a third of the purlings and installed a couple of hurricane clips before my feet started to bother me and we quit for the day. Today, we will install the barn light and then finish the purlings and hurricane clips. We will then be ready for when the steel roofing arrives and we’ll finish off the shed in a heartbeat.  
Last night by the time we were ready to go to bed, it was freezing in the house. I went around closing all the open windows so it wouldn’t be unbearable in the morning. I bet it was close to 49° at day break this morning. Well Jeeze um…it is only sixteen days until fall really arrives, so what’s the big surprise anyway, I ask myself anyway?
So…today we will be working around the farm all day. We have purlings to finish, hurricane clips to install, a new barn light to install and a Bilco door to the basement to rebuild so we can keep rain and snow melt out of the basement entry this fall and winter. After all this is completed, Vick and I have nothing to do but run the farm and write, paint and read. What a glorious thought…FINALLY…
I hear Gladys calling for her flock to come visit…in vain many mornings…not on others. Soon, they will leave for the season, much like the tourist groups who depart from here each Labor Day, ending the regular vacation season…leaving all of us regulars to brave the winter alone.
Gladys may or may not realize she is not alone and that when the lake freezes over, she will again be able to escape the harsh winter in the barn with the other ducks and Doodles…our Canadian Honker.
Jeeze, I hate the thought of winter coming so soon.

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