Sunday, November 3

Longing, Living, Losing and Loving Are All Part Of Life…

Chill that stirs every muscle within you...lingering smells are dwindling away...gray replaces beautiful colors...and our time grows shorter as we time and our lives...We are definitely in the late fall of life and seasons.......
The above is not meant in a negative sense…but more a call to reality that our time would be better spent doing things we know are dwindling or changing constantly.
Think back, oh I know that no one wants to think back to all the things we used to do because there are many we cannot do anymore and that is frustrating. Have you ever looked at the things you can do now that you couldn’t before? Do you realize that your knowledge base is and should be much greater now than only five or ten years ago? Simple things like using an iPhone or computer may be something you couldn’t do ten years ago. I know I didn’t even have a decent cell phone ten years ago, let alone a state of the art computer. Now I have the latest programs, develop multiple web sites for myself and Vick, not to mention other people and update and maintain them. I have written several books that are available on Amazon and have published books for others as well.
Ten years ago Vick only wished she could do watercolor artwork and pencil drawings. She did stained glass work then, but is now painting beautiful artwork and producing classic art glass as she desires and sometimes even does consignment work for folks.
You see, both Vick and I retired in 2005 and 2006, were forced to change our lives through personal challenges and chose to recycle ourselves into a new lifestyle. We found one another, started the farm and chose to do the things we always dreamed of.
Keep this in mind as you reminisce about your past and how your life is changing. You chose those changes…Oh yes you get older and quit doing some things you are no longer capable of doing, but you can choose to replace those things with even more exciting things in life. Don’t stop living this life until you step out of your body and cross over to the next dimension of life.

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