Tuesday, November 19

Rain The Other Day, More to Come…In The White Form???

Saturday was a miserable misty, dark and dismal mess out there. It really wasn’t that cold, but the light misty sprinkle only served to cut to the bone, making being out there a pain in the butt. I did brave the elements to put the framework time around the turkey windows where cracks abound, leaving brisk and chilly sub-zero air in at night. The trim boards needed finished anyway, so I got with the program Sunday morning and did them. We found a large crack in the juvenile turkey house that allowed large bursts of night air to enter…the opening being on the corner and behind a batten strip, yet large enough for a weasel or woods rat to easily enter and kill all the young turkeys. I filled the opening with great stuff, the spray foam that swells and closes off every nook and cranny and then hardens. I placed a batten strip inside to keep the turkeys from picking and eating the cured foam later, which could easily kill the stupid birds. Now all I have to do is put up the Christmas lights across the front of the house, but that will be on a less moist day. Vick and our friend Dawna worked in the shop for awhile, arranging and placing items and getting ready to open soon. I am removing the computer system and we will be using the old fashioned paper receipts where you tear off their yellow copy and file the white one until later when I can enter the sales into the computer in the house. We have a dedicated laptop for the business now, so everything goes into it and we no longer have to jostle and carry files between computers. That was a real pain anyway, because you lost data if you made a mistake and forgot up update every time you moved files. Now every entry is in ONE COMPUTER… THE SAME COMPUTER! I updated all the paperwork, entered all the bills, sales and egg counts last evening and now everything is up to date. It is so much easier using one computer and paper receipts in the store will be so much faster too. We now have much more room on the counter for writing receipts and will have room for the paper caddy roll and the string caddy for tying packages up. Everything in this yarn and fiber shop will be about as backward in the times as we can possibly make it so shopping here will be a novelty and fun.
Yesterday we spent the day in Delmar and shopping with an elderly lady down the road. We enjoyed taking her along and having lunch with her. She is an interesting friend and we will spend more time with her this winter.
Today, we finished putting up the outside Christmas lights and helped Josh clean. We found the new layers now have foamy eye…a bacterial infection of sorts, so tomorrow we will separate and treat them as directed by a guy Vick called at one of the places we buy medicine and vaccines.
We’re still working in the yarn shop and processing fiber in here, getting ready to open for business.
Now we’re expecting snow any day now. There is nothing in the forecast, but we never feel comfy with the weather forecasts around here. Sometimes they can’t give yesterdays weather without being wrong, so you just never know.
I will say that they are usually pretty good with snow predictions. They seem to be able to tell you the very hour it will begin and it usually does. It just seems difficult to predict what day it will come…not when it will start once they decide.
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