Sunday, December 1

Holiday Exhilaration and Exasperation Is No Excuse For Malevolence…

Ahhh yes, after today there are only 24 days until Christmas!
Are you going to be ready? Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off already and the craziness is beginning. People are beginning to push and shove, cut each other off at intersections and there is a multitude of fist shaking and number one’s flashing all over the place. People act as if there is a food shortage and if they don’t get what they need, their family will starve. It’s only greed people! It’s only a misconception of the holiday that’s coming on the twenty fifth of this month, not the apocalypse. We stopped at Wal-Mart last evening to grab a container of miniature safety pins to pin price tags to items in the store and there was a kitty litter box sitting next to a cart, left near a light pole in the parking lot…twenty yards from the cart rack. Someone had left a perfectly good (looked like new actually) litter box sitting there next to the empty cart. Upon looking, we saw that the little box was full of kitty doo-doo and litter!
That’s right, rather than clean out their old litter box; they brought it along to Wal-Mart, bought a new box and left the old, dirty box sitting next to their cart…in the parking lot…for someone else to dispose of!
I hope that person gets a lump of coal that won’t burn for Christmas…just for being so thoughtful toward others.
This is the very reason I would rather not go around the stores and people at Christmas…They disgust me and spoil my holiday as I watch people completely allow commerce and greed to overshadow the real meaning of Christmas.
I love the commercial on TV right now that shows a man and woman decorating a room with all kinds of holiday decorations…laughing and smiling….and sometimes exchanging loving looks toward one another as they continue to decorate. Finally it shows them both tip-toeing across a hallway to another room as an elderly lady enters the building from her apparent shopping excursion. The next view shows her now obviously entering her apartment and her reaction to her young neighbor’s loving gesture of decorating her apartment for Christmas and giving her an observably reminiscent holiday spirit long ago lost by her inability to decorate alone.
Thank God for this type of message occasionally offered by thoughtful people who still feel the spirit. Thank God for memories also…for they are sometimes all we have to cling to in old age unless someone young is smitten by the spirit and is guided to do some kind act for or with an elderly person. I find it hard to understand why people get that special feeling deep within their heart by doing something special for people at Christmas time, yet can’t comprehend that these feelings can be theirs every day by doing kind deeds all year long!
Good deeds and memories…these are major components to a warm and contented feeling inside that God gives for kindness and loving toward others, not only at Christmas time, but all the time. If you get used to doing good deeds for elderly people daily, you find yourself holding a door for others, stepping aside to allow others to pass and there won’t be so much stress and tension in our lives.
You might even see the wrong in letting your old litter box sitting in the middle of a parking lot and throw it away correctly yourself…   

The last two days I spend feeling lousy. I was chilled to the bone and ached all over. This morning I feel back to normal and will pick up on the things neglected for two days. We will hopefully, by the end of the day…have the store ready to open and the new sign on the gable end of the building so people driving by can see that we are opening a farm and fiber store soon. Last evening Vick and I retagged yarns with our new labels, weighed and priced raw and processed yarns, soaps and gift bags for Christmas and will finalize everything in the shop for opening.
Pictures at eleven…LOL
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