Tuesday, February 25

A Dream Is Only A Dream…If It Never Happens…

It’s about time someone does something for those around them…something to help. I plan to do just that. If I am successful in my project, I will be making heritage spinning wheels, designed after the beautiful specimens that came from the 18th century and are still found decorating people’s homes and performing the yarn making process flawlessly.
I know what it is like to look at spinning wheels and cringe at the price, or watch your wife’s excited mood change to one of disappointment when thinking about how long it will take to save up enough to buy that wheel.
I believe I can ultimately achieve my dream of making these beautiful wheels…and…making them more easily affordable to the spinning and knitting public.
If my Kickstart program is successful, I will not be making wheels in a mass production setting…but in my basement, one at a time, so there will be a waiting list for them I suppose, but I will be making something worth waiting for. They will be of ultimate quality and function like a fine Swiss watch. I have a place near Vermont that will sell me massive pieces of blank wood planks that are 36” wide and up to three inches thick. They come in cherry, oak, mahogany, butternut, walnut and several others. I can cut blanks for mainframes, legs, wheels, spokes and all the other pieces from these blanks. From these blanks, I will produce a one piece flywheel, which I have never seen anywhere else in the industry and I have already designed and built the lathe to turn them. In the end, I will have a one of a kind heritage spinning wheel available to sale to some deserving person willing to wait.
I could probably sell these wheels at the same cost as everyone else in the world, but I want to enjoy selling them to someone who wants a wheel, but has limited funds to do so. By helping someone like that buy my wheel, I will be fulfilling my dream to help return spinning to today’s communities, helping to bring back self sustained living.
My goal is to make them, sell them, enjoy making them and helping Americans return to being a bit more self reliant, at least a little at a time.  
Check out what can help make this happen in my link below and most importantly, you can always help make it happen by spreading the word to everyone everywhere!

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