Saturday, March 1

Help Is Harder To Find Than To Give…Down Here On The Farm…

Yesterday morning I went out to do the feeding and watering as usual. While out there, I shot a few short clips of everything around the farm on my iPhone. I’ve wanted to do this for some time, so we could make video for advertising the farm and fiber shop on-line and give folks an idea of what we’re all about here on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm.
I planned to put this video on my Heritage Spinning Wheel Campaign too, so potential donors would know what we do and what we have in mind here on the Cluckin’ “A” Farm.
 To all our friends and regulars…please do not think you have to donate anything to this campaign. It is geared toward entrepreneurs who are doing the same thing we want to do…help someone achieve a dream. These guys would give donations toward my campaign because they enjoy helping…we will give by making a great spinning wheel affordable to someone who otherwise would never own one. That’s what this is all about. Our friends who want to help can certainly do so by getting the word out and forwarding my campaign link everywhere they think it would do some good or could possibly be seen by investors. If you would, the link is:

This can be loaded into emails or text messages…tweets and FaceBook posts where someone might find it. Help of this nature from friends is worth far more than a few bucks donated toward the campaign, because the right person may find it…become interested and fund my efforts big time.

I keep working on this campaign and gearing up in the basement to make this happen even if I don’t make it to my goal of $2500.00 with the donations on my KickStarter campaign. My dream is that some investor will see it and recognize my sincere desire to make this a reality for folks to add spinning to their “back to green” living…our little part in making America strong again.

Many people are now seeking out and joining community gardens and farm share programs if they cannot do a private garden of their own at home. These same people are going back to sewing, knitting, weaving and spinning to become more self sufficient rather than trusting commercial stores who buy sweat shop garments and substandard, unsafe foods from other countries.

We’ve finished the farm video last night and it is super cool… Here’s the link. Check it out.

We made it to March, but we’re still depressed to say that for the next ten days…we will have extremely cold temperatures with snow possible throughout next three days! This has been a lousy, miserable and cold winter and I’ll personally snuff that Pennsylvania rodent the next time I visit there. He’s had it!! I hope he’s cozy in his little dirt burrow…

From Sunday to Monday they predict 3 – 5” of new snow here in the Capital district. Being at the foot of the Catskills, we could significantly expect to see either nothing…or as much as eight inches or more coming off those unforgiving mountains. Jeeze um…the 3rd of March and snowing again…that makes this winter much like the winters were in the 1960’s. Especially with snow on snow, on snow until you realize depths in feet instead of inches.
I fear that spring will be late this year…hopefully, we will not linger in winter until summer hits and misses spring all together! Now that would be a nasty trick Mother Nature… real nasty!
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