Tuesday, October 28

Mon. Eve, Oct. 27th… Winters coming… Drove home in snow flurries!!

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Driving home from Vicki’s brother’s and parents home, caused me mixed feelings as the snow flurries swirled around in the headlights. It was kind of nice, yet kind of upsetting to say the least. The snow flurries were blowing from the time we left Vly mountain, where Richie & Vicki’s parents live, all the way across Cave mountain and down over Windham High Peak mountain. Near the bottom of Windham High Peak mountain, it reverted to all rain, but it was enough to let a person know that winter snows are just around the corner or just a little further down the thermometer.

Kenny had a nice birthday party with a nice meal and a great cake. He’s a great kid, but he and Katie both are growing too fast. Little do they realize how close to adulthood they are lurking….wishing to grow older faster…..to be able to do as they please and will be adults before they realize you never get old enough to do as you really please.

Sad News………… Nothing new is happening with the eggs in the basement. Tomorrow morning, if nothing new has transpired…. They all go to the woods as we give up hope for them to hatch. That’s a mere 12 hours more at 99.9 degrees and then it’s over for them. I’m shutting the incubator down at 12 noon tomorrow.

We go Wednesday to see the Alpaca lady in Coxsackie. She seems like a very nice lady who will sell us an Alpaca and board it until spring. She will also deliver free and pick up and deliver for shearing when they are ready. Obviously there are a bunch of folks that have her pick up their Alpacas when ready and they have a shearer come in and do them all at once, then they market the wool as a group too. Sounds like a fun type get together at her farm at shearing time according to her. We’re psyched about the whole thing and the Angora rabbits too. Vick and I can’t wait for spring to get started!

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