Monday, October 27

Monday, Oct. 27th… Those Chinese Products….Who needs them?

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Good Morning

Here we go again…… true from is the following item that we first remarked about, way back on September 15th.
On Oct. 8th the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a consumer advisory warning the public not to eat, distribute, or sell Sherwood brand
Pirate’s Gold milk chocolate gold coins imported from China. The candy is being recalled after testing positive for the industrial chemical melamine, a substance at the center of the tainted-milk controversy in China that has been implicated in the deaths of four infants and the sickening of 54,000 other babies. Now this is in Canada and may in no way exist in the United States, but do you want to take the chance of your children eating any of this poison? I’d think not, so this is your warning to watch your child’s candy bag this Halloween even closer than usual.

The day is going to be an overcast one with little sunlight for heat and the temperature is to dip to fall temperatures. We have the old pellet stove perking, sending warmth and coziness to all parts of the house. Tomorrow, our company will arrive and we will spend the day chatting and entertaining Doreen and Scot and hopefully going for a nice evening meal.

Today we will probably do a little wiring in the barn before heading to Vicki’s parents and brothers house for Kenny’s birthday party this evening. Kenny is our nephew who just graduated from high school this year and is enjoying a break before heading off to college.

Now…… I go to be busy…….. Doing stuff.

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