Sunday, October 26

Sunday, Oct. 26th… The lull between storms… make the best of it!

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We awoke this morning to a bright, sunny sky with lots of rising fog in the fields, making it a beautiful fall morning for all to behold. It is to reach 58 degrees today, so make the best of it because the next three days will again be rainy and yucky.
We are getting ready for our friends, Scot & Doreen of New Jersey, to arrive on the 28th and stay for a few days before heading further north to visit family up there. We have been looking forward to their visit ever since we’ve completed the guest room and the upstairs bedroom. They have followed our blog long enough that they know pretty much what they will see when they get here, but it will just be more exciting to see it in real life. Once here, you can hear the chickens and turkeys as they talk to one another, see the bunnies in their houses and all the things that pictures just don‘t give you. Scot and Doreen’s home is just across the street from where Vick’s New Jersey house was and they stuck close by Vicki during the time of Carl’s illness and passing, so they are almost like family. We can’t wait for them to arrive so we can entertain them and let them enjoy the magical beauty of the Catskill region.

Today, we are definitely getting the fence board count and measurements to give to Ed Pooter’s, so he can start cutting them. Once we get that done, we might start the plywood strips at the floor of the loft. Jeff is supposed to show up and look at the barn siding & fascia job and the projected water lines we want to install so we don’t have to carry water all winter long.

On a older note…… I believe we are about done hatching chicks and the number will remain at 5 total. The eggs in the basement, which came out of the barn, from under the two sitting hens, are doing nothing and the last three that were in the incubator seem to be duds too. I’ll give them another two days, then it’s out to the woods with them.

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