Saturday, October 25

Saturday Eve, Oct. 25th… Yuck…Yuck… Yuck… My Lousy Feeling Day!!

We got nothing accomplished today except feeling lousy. My sinus, along with Vick’s kicked up and We felt miserable all day long. In fact, I sat on the couch in the living room in front of the stove and sucked up the blasting heat as it flowed across my body all afternoon, even sleeping for a couple of hours. Upon arising this evening, we went to the basement and fed the chick’s, checked the other eggs and then went to Frank’s for dinner. The barn entry must be flooded, because there is a puddle of water touching the underside of the front sliding door. I would therefore say that there is standing water inside, so the turkey’s probably found dry ground by the bunny corner where the hay is. We haven’t ventured out yet, because we need our raincoats, muck boots and more get up and go than I currently possess. It is to pour cat’s & dog’s until midnight, and then taper off, along with the wind. The wind here was the worst about 7:00 o’clock or so. All five of the chicks are doing great, but the other eggs may be goners!! There doesn’t seem to be a chirp or wiggle about any of them. We’ll give them a few more days and if theres no change till then, I'll dispose of them and be happy with the five we got.
I guess we can do the floor strips and measure for fence boards tomorrow when it isn’t raining constantly.

Does anybody know of a good knitting machine available anywhere for purchase over the Internet? The cost isn’t really an issue as long as it works well. We’ve already sent one back that you crank, calling it junk and a bad investment. If you know of one that you can use heavy, fancy yarn in… please let us know. We’re looking for one that will do panels mostly, but if you know of one that does panels and tubes consistently well let us know….. PLEASE!

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