Saturday, October 25

Saturday, Oct. 25th… Rainy, Damp and Miserable will be the order of the day!

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I got up this morning to a dreary, rainy, day where the modest temperature of 45 degrees still cuts through you like a knife. I immediately started the pellet stove and waited for the blower to kick on to send that warmth barreling out at me. I had just returned from the feed route between the chicken & duck house and the barn, had fed and watered everyone, gave Timmy another shot (he developed another cold and was rattling when he breathed yesterday) and installed a heat lamp so Timmy could huddle under it for warmth if need be. I was chilly from the outing, so when the blower kicked on and smothered me with warmth, I was appreciative.
The chicks are doing well…… feisty as ever and had eaten all the chick starter since last night, so I refilled that and checked their water, which was fine. There were no new egg developments, in either the three remaining eggs from the incubator, nor in the dozen in the Styrofoam ice chest. After something happens with the three in the incubator, we will transfer the dozen from the ice chest to the incubator and hope for the best. Who knows…… maybe they will hatch with a constant heat!
Today we measure for fencing boards, if we get a break in the rain for a little bit…… and then close off the floor strip opening in the loft area. Maybe I can do a little work with loft lights and stable lights. Possibly we can add an outside motion light so we can see to get to or from the barn after dark. I still need to contact our friend and see if he is ever coming to help us out with the Tyvek and the board & batten.

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