Sunday, October 5

The pool is cleaned out, covered but not done......

Above is an antique machinery museum at the Altamont Fair Grounds.

We arrived at the fair yesterday around two o'clock and made the first round without buying anything until we saw all there was to see. We then went back and bought anything we wanted after that. We bought some Christmas presents for family and then a picture painted on flagstone. After this we decided to grab some food and watch the entertainment as we ate, so I bought a blooming onion and Vicki got some kettle corn and we sat and listened to "The Lustre Kings" sing. We listened until we decided to get our things and walk to the car because it was getting really cold there. Below are some pictures of what it was like.

This old gas pump was neat. I remember these at some really old stations when I was a kid.

A nice old car in the exhibit.

And when have you seen one of these beauties lately?

Here is the old fashioned kitchen

More old kitchen hand tools and equipment

A lady in period dress showing a dining room setting

An old fashioned living room

More of the old living room. a beautiful chunk stove

A Doctor's office in that period

More of the Doctor's office

The bedroom in that era.

Everyone was enjoying the day and the goodies..........

Right in the middle of everything was this little chapel........

It was very cozy and comfortable inside. Vick was a bell ringer for the lady inside.

More folks enjoying the goodies all over the fair grounds.

Finally, the band just kept on playing. We were starting to shiver. It was cold.

That was about it for the Apple Festival. It was like any other festival or art and craft show. We always enjoy going through the exhibit buildings and seeing all the vendors.

Today we started out cleaning the pool to close it. After a lot of elbow grease removing the dirt on the bottom and scooping out old leaves, we threw the closing kit into the clear water, added some algacide, added the inflatable pillow to hold the cover up and put the cover on. We still need to disconnect the pump and filter assembly, install the plug in the eyeball hose and install the cover plate over the skimmer opening. After doing those few things, we'll be done. We have a crack between the pool deck and the pool, because the old pool was just a tad smaller in diameter than this pool, so there is a small crack on one side and a five inch opening on the other side. I can tell you that when you step into this hole. NO ONE KNOWN TO MAN..... can hit you in the face with a board quicker than than that deck came up on me!!! I stepped..... and I was looking at the deck boards. FLAT on my face with my leg jammed in the opening clear to my groin. OUCH!!

Vicki was frantic!! She thought I killed myself or maybe that something was eating me........ like on alien when it reached up through the floor grating and yanked a guy down against the grating. I rolled around and yanked my leg out (after some pulling to do so) and just laid there for a moment as the pain subsided. I then checked to see if I had skin on my leg anymore and that it wasn't bleeding. I was fine, but sore. We finished for the day with a visit from Stanley Maltzman and his friend Joyce. After a little chat, they left and we ate, then quit for the night.

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