Monday, October 6

Good Morning from The Cluckin' "A Critter Farm

This morning started off pretty chilly. When I went out at 6:40 this morning, it was 32 degrees and slightly foggy over the Pupskill Lake Pond. All the critters were ready to run free, so I cut the doors open to all the buildings and away they went. We seem to have a cold being passed between the birds right now and some develop a secondary infectious bronchitis. Most get over it, but some succumb to it, so we are going to head for the Vet today to see if we can get a medicine from him for them. We lost about 4 or 5 birds in the last week, plus one of our turkey's.

The pool needs finished, but since it is completely covered and it is raining, we will wait for sunny weather to finish removing the pump, filter, eyeball assembly and install the skimmer cover and rubber plug to the eyeball socket which will complete the winterizing.

Perhaps we will work on the barn a little if my knee and leg can take it. It's a little stiff and sore after jamming it into that crack between the pool and deck. No scrapes or blood mind you, but sore. Oh well, it was exciting! What a ride........SPLAT!!

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