Monday, October 6

Monday Evening, Oct. 6th... This was a lost day for us......

Good evening...... We experienced a pretty slow and uneventful day today (although it was beautiful) because of my knee which has become increasingly, more and more painful. The little flip & trip I took at the pool yesterday when I went and fell, has taken it's toll. We were putting the cover on and as I attempted to step past Vicki, I stepped into a crack between the deck and pool, which was under the cover edge and I went all the way down to the deck, but caught myself before smashing face first onto the wooden deck floor. I did however, jam my 5 inch wide knee through a 4 inch wide opening between the deck boards and the metal top of the pool. As if that wasn't painful enough, I then couldn't pull my leg back up through the opening without a horrific yank, which felt even worse. To my surprise, I really didn't hurt anything, break the skin or even get a visible brush burn, but today it is swollen and tender. That knee doesn't really want to bend to well when I walk and it is tender to the touch topically, but not really in the joint. Must be all muscle bruising without discoloration.
Anyway, we did a slight bit of work in the barn, then went to Agway and picked up 100 ML of Penicillin to administer injections to the chickens that obviously have an infectous bronchitis. We gave the turkey an injection to, hopefully to get ahead of whatever is ailing her too. This one is starting to act just like the other turkey hen we lost last week, which obviously had a respiratory problem she succumbed to.
After tending to the sick birds,
I carried a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood up to the loft in the barn to place on the wall and decided after the 2nd half sheet was carried up that I was done (because of the knee pain) for the day. Tomorrow is another day and I don't need to kill my body to put up plywood and hang a door.
I guess I'll just retire early tonight and read or watch TV. Maybe I can be productive tomorrow. I hope.

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