Tuesday, October 7

Tue. Oct 7th... Beautiful Sunrise on the Pupskill Lake.....

What a great sight to wake up to each and every morning of your life! Vicki and I never take it for granted, because to live and experience the dream you've had since childhood is the most precious gift of God you can imagine. Vicki and I labored hard our entire lives trying to achieve what we finally did through God's grace, but after she lost her first husband to a long fight with cancer and I endured years of a terribly one sided marriage. We vowed to make one anothers lives happy and fulfilling until the end of time.

Each morning you can see this very sight on the Pupskill

We have deer this close to us each and every day!
Perhaps we can work in the barn doing some of what needs done. Also, if the day continues to warm up, we can pull the cover on the pool, remove the eyeball assembly, install the expansion plug and the skimmer cover and take the pump, filter and hoses off. That's all that is needed to finish closing it up for the winter.
Vick say's we should go to the Two Kids Bakery for lunch, which will mean a top of the line soup and sandwich. After that......who knows!!!

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