Tuesday, October 7

Tuesday, October 7th... Early Quit Used Right For Once!!!!!!

We decided to quit early this evening, so we are in the studio lounge and Vicki is going to paint as I continue to blog and possibly write a short story installment to add to the one I published as an eBook earlier in the year. I think I will continue to write about growing up in central Pennsylvania in the late 50's and early 60's.

I may also decide to just read a little too. Vicki picked up a new book for me on drawing with pen & pencil by Claudia Nice and I've been wanting to read it, but never get up here until my eyes are ready to slam shut like the bank doors these days.

Today we took care of feeding the critters and leaving them out around 1:30 when we returned from lunch. We also gave the turkey her second injection of Penicillin, which I think is making her better. Vicki doesn't think it is doing much good and we will lose her like we did the other female, but I think there is definitely a change for the better. We'll see tomorrow. We did install the full sheet and the half sheet of plywood in the upstairs office wall area. We still need a full sheet to finish the barrier between loft and office up there and will pick a sheet up from GNH when we are ready to finish it. We didn't hang the door, because we decided that we could do the inside work when it rains. We needed to get outside while it is sunny and finish the fence posts which have been sitting in the open holes since late April when we dug the post holes for the fence and beams for the barn. I'd say it was time to finish them, wouldn't you? Some we were required to pull the post and dig dirt out so we could align the posts properly. We still have one long line and 4 across the back side to finish up and then we can measure and order the boards for the fence rails. It should really look sharp once the sticks are on the posts and we white wash them to look like the old fences of yesteryear. We're still using the pumpkin Orange in the blog for the Halloween season. I think it's pretty!

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