Wednesday, October 8

Wed. Eve, Oct 8th.....What a busy day of running and nursing.........

We got up late today, so I was rushing around to leave the critters out and survey their health conditions. We have had several birds with a cough, sneezing and respiratory distress symptoms, so those are on Penicillin and under our watchful eye. The female turkey and all of the previously affected birds are doing better after three days of shots, so we seem to have this virus under control. The male turkey looked like he was coming down with it now, so we shot him today too. We'll keep an eye on him and shot him for the next 2 days and hopefully see the same kind of improvement as the female. I'd sure hate to lose any more of our birds to this crap. Four fatalities from this virus was enough. Thank goodness for the Internet and sites that list the symptoms and recommended treatment for it or we could have lost over half of our flock and more than one turkey. We were using Terramycin powder at first, which you use to treat their water which was actually affecting all the birds, even the healthy ones and it is very difficult to get a sick bird to drink enough to do any good anyway. The information we acquired over the Internet suggested we use injectable Penicillin and treat only the sick birds.
Boobie Dumps Barbie for Phoebe
It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago, we past Barbie & Boobies garden spot and remarked about them having a baby, which we referred to as B.B.
Now, we pass by and find that Boobie dumped Barbie for a cute chick named Phoebe A. Jeebee. Now Boobie will be paying child support for the next 18 years!!!!!

If you look will see that the new chick is definitely different (and better looking) than Barbie was.

Down a little north country road

What a beautiful picture. It's now my wallpaper.

How lovely the colors of fall reflection across a lake.

From Seed of Past, Blooms the Future
By Skip Watt

We are all the forefathers of a still unborn generation to come,
for in retrospect, we now look gratefully to those who came before us,
as we consider them the pioneers of our daily lives from years ago,
likewise I suppose, they thought the same of generations before them .

It is no different those years ago, nor in the future years to come,
for tomorrows adventures will be truly yesterdays histories today,
and we will all be instrumental in the creation of all those memories ,
as we simply live our lives without giving second thought of it.

We must strive to live exemplary examples of truly faithful friendships,
and in the end, what else might we pride the existence of ourselves,
for you may amass a multitude of monetary wealth and prestige,
but when our time here has ended, no amount of wealth will shine,
yet good deeds and true friendships will light the darkest of nights.

live doing good toward another and enrich their lives by being a friend,
learn from another, that we may then pass this knowledge to all in need,
help one in need, for as a life is saved, it is destined to reflect on another,
enjoy the friendship of those near you and share life as a luxurious party,
give freely, a love you feel, for the love of another may hang in the balance.

Go forth with joy and plant seeds of happiness in the lives God created,
for as sunshine begins as a glow upon the distant horizon each morning,
so too will the growth of happiness take over the darkness in those lives,
and the happiness that blooms, so enriches the life of the gardener as well.

Vicki and I are quite upset and praying constantly for a very dear friend and neighbor of ours who is lying in a medically induced coma after a quadruple bypass surgery on Monday and doesn't seem to be doing very well. The surgery took an extremely long 8 hours to perform and the coma is being used to allow his body to recover from the trauma of the surgery before the patient is awakened. He is one of the first people we met when we moved here and he has given of himself on many occasions and has offered anything he owns to Vicki and I if we needed it. He is a very quiet, decent and generous person and we wish the very best for him and Joan, his better half.

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