Thursday, October 9

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All of our previous blog entries from January of last year are now contained here in and readily visible to anyone wishing to travel back through the time machine! If you want to revisit the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm as it came into being..... like the beginning of the new barn being built by Vicki and I, just stroll backwards using the older posts button on the lower right of this page. When you come back, you will have to use the link to on the old AOL journal page that says "This is the last post from the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm" and you will then be directed back to the current post. It is an interesting trip of pictures, thoughts, angry statements of events and poems or pleasant memory inducers! Take a long look and enjoy............
Today we are taking a trip. Being the brutal farmers that we are....... we are taking some fish we have in an aquarium upstairs in the studio, for their final ride today. We are doing away with the stinky tank and the fish, so we can enjoy the studio without the "fishing dock smell" in the room when the gas fireplace is burning. As you should all know, (or are about to learn) when a gas fireplace is burning, it will fill the room with any odor in the room, especially paint or shellac or varnish and will multiply the odor. It will also enhance pet smells or birds......especially smelly fish tanks, so if you've been blaming your gas heater/fireplace for stinking.... remove the source of the odor and it will no longer stink. Here ends today's lesson on gas fireplaces.
After bagging the fish........removing their little stinky tank and jumping into the car, we will deliver these little stinkers to the L&M Pet Store in Hudson, where they can be bought by other unsuspecting persons. After dropping those little guys off, we will head down the road to Kingston to have a failed sensor in our car replaced. This failed sensor, is supposed to indicate that the air bag system might not function in a crash. The manual says, "If this light comes IMMEDIATELY to your nearest ****** dealership." That's all it says in the manual, in very large letters, simply..."drive IMMEDIATELY to you nearest ******* dealership". Well....... we went almost immediately, the next week when we could take the time to go....... and they said "Yep! it's a bad sensor saying that the airbags might not deploy in a crash. We'll order the part and call when it is in. You can then schedule an appointment to bring it back and we'll install the sensor. Just be careful until then." Now I don't know about you......but I'm always careful when launching a "3 ton projectile" down the highway.........especially when my family and I are in it............ and I wasn't aware that being careful in your "projectile" had a lot to do with the other guys "projectile" coming at you, in most instances. Wouldn't you think that, perhaps they should display the same IMPORTANCE to STOCKING THE PART, as the IMMEDIATELY, that we were supposed to drive the car to them? Stupid stupid people. Well anyway, thank God that after having this sensor replaced, I can again go back to napping as I drive on long trips, playing chicken with approaching semi's or reading a good book on that boring trip to Vicki's brothers house. It will be refreshing to once again not have to be careful.
NOW! The critters are all looking pretty darned good this morning, with the exception of one hen that we shot for the first time yesterday. We will administer another shot to the two turkeys and this hen again today before leaving, then do a little more barn work if it is nice when we come home this afternoon. If it isn't raining later and the forecast says it won't, we'll turn the birds loose until evening. Until then.....We're gonna be real CAREFUL!

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