Thursday, October 9

Thursday Evening October 9th....A usual day ends in usual ways

It's amazing that a person can have so many things to do in a day's time and nothing is of enough interest to even snap a picture of it. We delivered the fish to the L&M Pet Shop in Hudson this afternoon, then went to Tractor Supply, where they pissed me off instantly. You know...... when you don't have time to screw around, and you know what you want..... that will be the very time that you can't get a lazy bastard that "works" there to assist you. We needed some hypodermic needles in 25G size for the chickens innoculations and being late as we were, we asked where they were. This loafing butt head at the front of the store pointed to a sign which read, "Animal Health" and announced that they would be right there. They weren't! They don't even handle 25G needles. Then as I was leaving, I noticed a 2pack of batteries for the bark collar, which cost a whopping $7.95, but were in a locked showcase. Obviously, no one is interested in stealing any of the small items that cost much more than $7.95 and aren't locked up.....but who cares......what I wanted was locked up like Fort Knox, but just unlock this stupid showcase and let me buy the batteries so I can get on my way to Kingston. My appointment for the amazing car sensor replacement is soon and we're cutting it close. I walked all around the back end of the store looking for a sales person to open the box, as the lazy dork up front watched.......without moving....I might add. I finally told Vicki, "That's it....let's go to Kingston.....we're gonna be late for the appointment. They can keep their damned stuff....I don't need it.......I come in to a store to buy their things, not hunt their clerks." I was rather loud... loud enough for Mr. Butt Head to hear me. I was wishing he would ask if he could help me when I got to him, because then I was going to flip out on him.

As I walked past the dork at the front of the store, he just looked and smiled his most pleasant FU smile. At that point, I need to walk away because I would like to......... well I would. And I shouldn't. BUT I WILL if I don't vacate the area quickly.

Anyway, after that.... we proceeded to the goofy car lot for the goofy sensor replacement.

It is a really nice place and once the car was parked and the paperwork completed, they gave us a ride to the Burlington Coat lot, where we had a nice lunch at the China Wok, walked to Burlington and Vicki window shopped a little while I held a bench down and guarded her pocket book. When Vick was done shopping, she called the car lot and they sent a car for us and back to the lot we went. Shortly after that, our car was ready and we left there very happy with the service and the peoples attitudes.

A quick stop at Adams for a small Maple tree and we were on our way home. When we pulled in at home, I sat the tree out exactly where we want to plant it this fall when Jeff or his father dig our water lines. We'll just get him to take one nice bucket full of dirt and an existing little tree our and put this one in.

Next we shot a few sickly birds we missed this morning and we were ready for dinner. After that, we put the animals away for the night and that was our day. Now I ask ya......was it not a full day of running and doing? Was there anything.........anything at all that seemed interesting enough to take a picture of? We didn't think so either.

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