Friday, October 10

Friday October 10th.... The weekend cometh to us!

Good morning from the Cluckin" "A" Critter Farm on this lovely, warm, fall morning in October. We will use this beautiful clear, warm day to finally finish closing the swimming pool which was put on hold for ....... well, a multitude of reasons, but now, will happen. We will finish removing the pool / filter assembly and then it will be finished until next spring. We will also close up the garden pond in the front yard and get the net covering over it before any more leaves end up floating in it, which makes it a mess in the spring when you open it back up.
We'll take care of the critters and administer injections of Penicillin to the needy chickens and turkey's, then feed and water them for the day, but not let them free range today because we are going to Vick's family for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, we are going to forget about the lousy economy....the stock market scare......the stupid blind running stockholders that are killing the market by panic selling their stocks which will be scooped up by vulture broker buyers and head to the mountains of Vermont. We will trek to a little known Hamlet called Newfane, which is in the southwestern section of Vermont for a little fall foliage treat. Don't worry.....we will have plenty of beautiful pictures of the area and the things we see. The picture above is one from a road into Newfane, just at the town limits, so you can see the kind of beauty we will behold there. There is a little fall festival there this weekend which Vick will enjoy because they have several craft and arts displays, along with food stands and such....... a real Oktoberfest type event.
That's the plan for tomorrow and since we will leave early for the ride up to Vermont, I won't have a morning blog post. Please watch for the blog in the evening when we return.

Bye, Bye

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