Saturday, October 11

Fri. Eve Oct, 11th... early to bed...early to rise....Uh-Oh!!!

Our New Barn

Uh-Oh...We were going to go to bed early because we wanted to be up and gone by 8:00AM tomorrow and on the road to Vermont to see the fall festival in Newfane. much for that!! We got home about an hour ago from Vick's family's home, where we enjoyed dinner with them. We checked out the critters, pulled eggs and closed everything up for the night, with the turkey's in the entryway of the barn.

These are the beautiful views we will see tomorrow in Vermont!

Did you ever notice that you always see neat things when you don't have your camera along? Well today, on the way to Richie's house, while going down a local road, we saw a little red fox just amble across the road in front of us. was different because we had the camera and Vick went to clicking pictures as best she could as the little canine bounced around bushes and underbrush. She got a couple good shots which I added below.

He stopped to look at us one time, then went on about his business.

Obviously he was shopping for a dinner treat!

The leaves on the mountain have definitely peaked, so if you can get there this week-end, make sure to go up 23A through Palenville to Haines Falls and on to Tannersville and Hunter Mountain to see some beautiful fall foliage and beautifully picturesque fall scenery. If you go, try to be there around noon because the sun will be shining almost straight down and you can snap pictures in any direction then and the leaves are prettiest when the light is overhead or behind you.

Looking across Westkill toward the east

There is nothing more beautiful than fall foliage and a meadow!

And finally this evening.........I would like to say Hi and thank you, to all our faithful followers from Cameta Camera in Long Island.
I know you have been following us and spreading the word, inviting folks to visit us. Your support of us doesn't go un-noticed. Again, Thanks to all of you!!

Bye, Bye

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