Saturday, October 18

Saturday, Oct. 18th… Back from the sheep & Wool festival…

We got home from the festival a little later than we thought and it was rather dark when we pulled into the house. All the ducks were at the duck house awaiting us. The younger ducks of 6 months, were actually in the duck house which surprised Vick and I. The other 8 were standing just outside the open gate quacking their obscenities about us being late, it being dark and they’re being scared of the dark. (but too stupid to go in like the other 6 ducks did) One turkey was out… the other was in the barn, but all the chickens were inside the barn or chicken house. We were particularly worried, as we sat in traffic, trying to leave the fairgrounds and it got darker and darker, because we do have Coyotes in our neighboring farm just beyond our back yard almost every night. They howl and squall at all hours of the night and you can tell a momma is teaching her pups to hunt as they squeal and yap in unison while they run some kind of animal. It was our fear that tonight would be the night that they decided to check out our farm with all the quacking and fowl smells around, and all the critters would be at a disadvantage with the doors open. The rear door of the barn was standing wide open and a light was on, making every bird on the floor in there vulnerable to attack by Coyote, fox, weasel or fisher to name just a few. You can imagine Vick and my relief as we pulled in and caught grief from the ducks and saw everything was ok. Whew!!

The festival was great, but due to a late start this afternoon, due to an important phone call and some pressing paperwork, we missed the sheep herding exhibition. We did however get to see a bunch of sheep, goats, Lamas and Alpacas and a bunch of Angora rabbits which Vick fell in love with. Looks like we just found what to fill the bunny house I’m building onto the end of the barn with. They were as friendly as a puppy and as soft as a cloud. Anyway, following are a bunch of pictures we took of some things we saw.

A band of American Indians playing flute type music up by the food court.

More food vendors near the entrance

Bluegrass music by the food vendors near the entrance

Ba, Ba, Brown Sheep.

Friendly little cuss with the kiddies

Sheep in the show ring.

Hold still and look pretty now!!

The dread lock crew.

And that was about all she wrote......or about all we could write too, because the battery in the camera wasn't fully charged and it died.............

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