Tuesday, October 14

Tues. Eve, Oct. 14th… Back from Cobleskill with a metal brake…

We returned from our trip to Cobleskill Tractor Supply where we picked up the metal Brake we have been thinking about getting for two months or so. We wanted it to make pans for under the rabbit pens, but didn’t have enough use for one to buy it. Now with the furnace job we are doing and the fact that we need two more pens for young male and female offspring, we will have more than enough work for one now. 6 pens of bunnies make a powerful mess if there aren’t pans under them.

Sunday is a "Walk Along for Lupus" and our grandson Andrew is participating in it. Below, is a picture of Andrew receiving a citation for Extreme Community Service from NY Legislator Norma Gonsalves

Below is a letter composed by Andrew. Please read it and understand that you can donate toward his cause by going to the link provided.....

Hello, my name is Andrew "Mookie" Alderman and I am an considered an 18 year old Extreme Fundraiser.
Shortly I will be volunteering for the 6th year to help out at the 15th Annual “Walk Along For Lupus,” as well as walking 3.2 miles during the walk. This is my 8th year of trying to raise money to help find a cure for Lupus. Last year, I was able to raise $3,050, of the much needed money for Lupus research and care. This year my goal is to raise $5,000, and I an less than halfway there ,but Any amount you would be willing to donate would help get me closer to my goal.

The reason why I am writing is because I would like your help to reach my goal . I have asked a mutual relative/friend to forward this to you in hopes that you might be able to help. I have till November 7th to do this and submit the funds. This is the only Lupus walk on Long Island that not only supports research but supports the individual with Lupus as well. I would greatly appreciate it if you or your company could help sponsor me this year, for this worthwhile charity fundraiser. Any amount would be appreciated and is tax-deductible (checks can be made out to “Lupus Alliance” and mailed to the Bold address below). Or You can also visit my personal Lupus walk web page, where you can contribute ONLINE quickly, safely, and easily with the click of a mouse. Just go to https://www.firstgiving.com/andrewalderman and follow the links.
Lupus is a terrible disease that affects at least 4 million people. Lupus is a chronic, incurable disease. The Lupus patient9 9s immune system loses the ability to differentiate between foreign bodies, causing the body to attack itself. It can be deadly and we need to raise money to find a cure. A new drug has not been approved for its treatment in over years. Most of the medications given for Lupus aren’t even for the disease and cause the user to incur side effects almost as bad as the symptoms they are made to suppress. Many people know someone who has Lupus currently or had Lupus and has passed on.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this . Feel free to pass this email onto Family, friends and co-workers, i f you think that they would like a hand in helping me reach my goal. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Lupus, please feel free to call me at 516-505-9005.


Andrew “Mookie” Alderman
1523 Rose Lane
East Meadow, N.Y. 11554

This afternoon before we went to get the brake, we looked out in the back yard in time to see a little button buck eating the chicken scratch & oats we throw down every morning. He didn’t seem to mind us snapping pictures, but he did object to Rooster Cogburn rounding up his hens and chasing lil’ ol’ Bucky outta there. Cogburn looks as if to say “OK Bucky…… this is war! Better Git!” Bucky slowly meandered out past the Wilson house fence and disappeared into the woods to return later.

Matilda...Matilda.... get back, get Back!! You don't know what Bucky may do to you!

Look Bucky...... Don't be trying anything funny with my gals...See!
I fact.....Why don't you just buzz off?

All I ever get is chased and chased and chased. Nobody loves me!!!

Hey Big Bird!! Kiss this!!

On the road, entering Middleburg. What a quaint little town.

Another Schoharie County farm in Autumn.

Bye, Bye

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