Tuesday, October 14

Tuesday, Oct. 14th... Refrigerator day today.....a Big one!

This morning, we are going to go to GNH to pick up U-bolts so we can place the back piece of plywood on the hand cart to be used in moving our refrigerator from the Wilson House to the barn. After the move, we will use the cart in the barn to move feed bags, which will be very easy with the plywood bottom and back installed on the cart. Without it, the bags dragged on the wheels as the bag drooped around the pipe. Not any more!!!!

We then need to go to the bank and cash a check for operating money so we can go and buy the needed materials for installing the heater on the mountain. We will probably head to Albany to pick those things up.

When we get home, I suppose we will work in the barn on wiring or whatever we need to do yet before winter hits. Stay tuned for more fall pictures and our daily escapades.

A morning sight here on the Cluckin' "A"

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