Monday, October 13

Monday Evening, Oct. 13th… Return from the colorful mountains…

We made a good day of it here on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. We started off this morning by removing the pump/filter assembly and hoses from the pool, finishing up the necessary task of winterizing the swimming pool for another year. We then went to the barn and gave the turkeys their shots and checked for other sickly birds. The turkeys are the last in there to have a problem, it seems and only the male now. The female seems to have kicked it and is back to her old self…… If the male doesn’t turn the corner in a day or two, we may lose him and that would be a real shame. He has became an Icon of the farm…..out there, all puffed up and putting at visitors like a big shot. We don’t know what else to do for him if the Penicillin shot fails to work.

We returned from the mountain after 5:30 this evening, so we could not get the u-bolts from GNH that we need to repair the cart to use it to move that monstrous refrigerator from the Wilson house to the new barn. It will go on the pad we built yesterday and once running and up to temperature, will house the Penicillin, Epinephrine, eggs and any butter Vicki might make for sale in the Hospice House when we build it and start selling in it.
Here are a bunch of pictures of the trip up the Katterskill Clove Road to Haines Falls.

We have our own Jack-o-lantern cutters here on the Cluckin' "A"!!

Bastion Falls

Crowd of hikers ready to go up to the Katterskill Falls.

Houses in Twilight Park have no yards....... they're built on sheer cliff.

Wouldn't you know?

Picture of "Fawn's Leap"

Bye, Bye

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