Thursday, October 23

Remember Yesterday... Enjoy Today... Look to Tomorrow...for Life is Short

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We are starting a really dreary looking day here on the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. We lost the three little chicks to something yesterday. Don’t know what happened exactly, but another hatched yesterday afternoon while we were grocery shopping and it is still alive this morning and doing well. None of the eggs in the barn have hatched yet and I don’t know if they got chilled with the hens off the nest or how that might affect the hatchings. Does it delay it or kill them? I can’t imagine mother nature making a life process that fragile that a chill to the eggs when the hen is off too long would kill them, but who knows. Anyway, the hens are still diligently on duty, keeping the clutches warm 99.9% of the time. In fact, there are more than one hen to each nest sometimes. When the hen gets off, another get on and sits until the first hen chases her off when she returns, so I don’t know if they ever really get chilled.

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I think I will work in the barn today unless Vick has something more important that we must do. If not, I’ll work on the floor strips in the loft where it is still open. That will stop a slight downdraft from the fascia under the soffit edge of the roof which is still open until our friend places the covering on there. Perhaps if he cannot get here soon, Vick and I will rent scaffolding and put the fascia board in ourselves too. I wanted him to do that and install the board and batten wall covering over the upstairs plywood covering already there. That way, the plywood will be protected under a Tyvek sheathing and rough cut board with a batten strip covering the cracks. Once that is done, the barn will then be complete and should be as cozy as any barn this winter.

I believe I finally mastered how to place the text where I want to in my blogs, showing that I still can learn sometimes!

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