Wednesday, October 15

Wednesday Eve Oct. 15th… Eggs are in the barn!!! Vicki is HAPPY!!!

Our New Barn!!

We finished placing the refrigerator in the barn this evening when we got home from picking up supplies for the furnace job. Since we couldn’t get all the parts needed today because of time limitations, we will do the rest tomorrow in Albany. That let us a few minutes this evening to bring all the stuff for the refrigerator to the barn and install it all. The pictures below show the barn inside and the refrigerator operating, keeping eggs cool along with some drinking water for us when we are working out there. Vicki is happy to have her refrigerator in the house back since the eggs from there went to the barn. All the eggs took up about an eighth of the inside capacity which she can now use for other food.
We got gas at Glenmont this afternoon for $2.99 a gallon while the vultures here are still getting as high as $3.36, with the average being $3.19. Nice to know you neighbors at home enjoy screwing you out of 20 cents a gallon yet a stranger in a distant town isn’t! Way to go Greene County. Greed…Greed…Greed! The entire world is running on greed and corruption. Maybe when our next president goes in and we are all forced to be towel heads we can get our gas at a better price. After all…..they’ll own America.
We’ll all work for the “Allah Babba” dudes and be paid in oil.
Good news!!!! Timmy Turkey seems to be perking up! Do you hear that Bill? Your prayers worked!!! Someone ate a bunch of hot dogs to give Timmy this much life force! Timmy was saved and is on his way to recovery!!!!! (we hope!!!)
We not only have been injecting him daily with the Penicillin, but he is now drinking water with ProBiotics powder in it to reestablish his digestive system since we believe he had a gastrointestinal disorder and the antibiotic kills even the good stuff in the stomach. The ProBiotics replaces the live cultures in the digestive system again.

Vicki doing something

The Egg refrigerator in the barn

It's ol' Vick Donald on her farm
eee III eee IIII Oh......

Eggs, Vaccines and our drinking water

more eggs

Mr. Timmy D. Turkey

Chickens in bed

more chickens in bed

Bunnies are never in bed!

One stable area not finished.

Feed Room

It's a junk room right now.

Needles and dry meds.

Bye, Bye

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