Thursday, October 16

Thursday Oct. 16th… A gloomy, rainy, day emerged today……

We needed some rain……… but who wanted to see it? There is nothing worse than drought like conditions…… low streams and our Pupskill Lake Pond (as we call it) in dire need of water so the fish don’t have to walk. (they hate walking…… and lay on the ground flopping around, throwing their fit, if they have to)

Even though we can use the water that rain brings….. We still hate to see it rain because it cramps our style. Take for instance the fact that because of this rain…… the chickens and turkeys can’t go out to play because they get sick. The ducks are then punished by not being allowed out either, (for fear of partiality issues) so they stand and quack obscenities all day long. We can’t do the things we wanted to do outside, like roll up the tarps that I spread on the ground yesterday to dry, because they are wetter now than they were yesterday, etc., etc., etc.
We should go and pick up the remaining parts and supplies needed for the furnace job, and we will……… but when? Where? I still need to find a place to get this stuff. Rainy days should be considered “off days”!! Nothing has to happen on those days…… just stay in bed if you must or sit in front of a TV or whatever floats your boat. Enthusiasm and rain showers are certainly not synonymous with one another and today proves it. All I’ve been able to accomplish this morning was drinking coffee, pissing off all the animals because I wouldn’t turn them loose to free range, updating the website “new barn” section and “products” page at and finally posting this blog entry. And the rain continues………………

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