Monday, November 10

Mon. Eve, Nov. 10th… 1/3 of the way through November already!!!!

Can You BELIEVE IT?? We are one third of the way through November already…… Only seventeen days until Thanksgiving and only forty five days until Christmas or only fifty two days left in the year 2008. Fifty two days……… not even two months……2009 will be only 4 months old before we will have flowers peeking out of the leaf cover, greeting Spring. How is it that when we were kids, the summer lasted three years…… and the school year was four years or longer before the next summer! Now summer is a week and winter lasts all of two, maybe three weeks. God, everything around us moves OOOOOOh…… Sooooooooooo fast.
Today we started out by driving to my favorite town……. Yep.. You got it, Cairo! The town of butt heads and know it all’s. Where you put one red light in your town and five on the bypass???????? Yes… on the by-pass around their stupid town, they have five red lights. They are on sensors, so you stop traffic to allow one car to pull out onto a four lane, (two lanes each way) where there is absolutely no heavy traffic. They don’t need red lights….. Just a stop sign. Most times a car pulls up to the red light, stops, turns right on the red and after they are down the road 50 yards, the light turns red and stops 5 cars to wait on nothing! Enough said about those retards……. Anyway we went there to get Diesel fuel for the tractor. Got it , stopped for breakfast in a gyp-joint restaurant where Vick paid $6.95 for an Omelet and I paid $5.95 for three 5” pancakes….. 1.75 for a cup of coffee and the same for a glass of orange juice. Came to over $17.85, so I gotta tell ya there are not only Pirates of the Caribbean…… there are the Pirates of Cairo-beanheads!! Oh well, just one more reason to hate Cairo, New York.
When we got home, I moved about 5 tons of dirt from the yard, which only leaves about 20 tons more to move. After getting to a point near the barn, I finished digging the wiring trench to the barn and we installed the main wire to the barn from the potting shed breaker panel, installed the double pole 30 amp breaker and finally had 220 volts in the barn.
All this amounted to a full days work with nothing to show in the way of pictures, so this is it...... a text Blog only.... posted tonight. At 7:00 pm, we will start a four day watercolor class, taught by the world renowned…… Stanley Maltzman…… our personal friend… we call him Mr. Tree Man. Stan comes here regularly to pick up eggs, and we often visit him at home or meet him and Joyce for dinner or lunch. You can Google “Stanley Maltzman” to see his beautiful art everywhere.

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