Tuesday, November 11

Tues. Nov. 11th… We have 3 new ducks and a pheasant now!!!

An egg customer of ours showed up today and took 12 dozen eggs for his brother as was pre-arranged, but when he arrived…… he had 3 Rouen female ducks and a male Chinese Silver Pheasant. What a beautiful bird the pheasant is!
Tina laid her second egg this morning. She laid one yesterday, but on top of the garbage can we keep the chicken feed in and it rolled of the top and broke. Today, she laid the egg in the earthen nest she made the day before yesterday when she laid her first egg. I brought it in and dated it and placed it into the incubator with the first one. We are going to continue to incubate her eggs and in 28 days, we should start to accumulate turkeys to add to the barn when they are fully feathered. Until then, we will keep them in the basement in a brooding container under heat lamps. Once they are fully feathered, they can huddle under a heat lamp in the barn with Timmy and Tina.
Just got a call from Middle Field Lumber, telling us the remainder of the fencing boards are ready to pick up, so we will finish the fence today. That’s cool, because it looks so unfinished with the bare fence posts…… and it was my fault that we didn’t get the correct amount of lumber in the first place, so I’ll be happy to get it finished.
Another egg customer stopped by just now and dropped off 8 egg cartons and a magazine featuring an Alpaca on the front, which looks just like the one we purchased. He said he immediately thought of us when he read the article and brought the book home for us. The name is Alpenglow Magazine and it is out of Grand County, Colorado, but the article on the Alpacas will be as good as if it were in our back yard.
Gotta go!!!! Got lots of places to go and people to see.

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