Tuesday, November 11

Tues. Nov. 11th… Another long day comes to an end.

Like this guy.......We're just waiting for winter..... and the cold....and snow!!!

We just returned from the watercolor class with Stanley Maltzman. It runs from 7:00 Pm to 9:30 Pm every night this week except for Thursday night, which is Stan’s Sketch Group night in the library room we are doing the watercolor class in and he will not give up the Sketch Group. We were asked to join the Thursday Sketch Group and we were very flattered, but we were not prepared to make such a commitment for every Thursday throughout the summer. Perhaps in the winter it would be ok, but there are too many other things we do in the summer. Anyway…when we pulled in and got out of the car to enter the house, I happened to look out at the barn and saw a funny shape on the door track. I asked Vick what it looked like to her and she said she didn’t know. I asked if it could possibly be a bird and started walking over to see. As I drew closer I realized it was the pretty little Bantam Rooster with feathers on his legs. I took a 2x4 and held it up to him and he immediately climbed on the end of the 2x4 and allowed me to carry him like that into the barn and I held the board up to the overhead perch when he stepped off the 2X4 and unto the perch, chattering all the while. I really think he was saying “thank you” in chicken language, because it was cold, damp and starting to rain out there and it’s so warm and cozy in the hen house. I just don’t know how I missed him when we closed up.
Forgive me for not shooting any pictures to post tonight, but we finished the fence, with the exception of building the gate, just at dusk……… and getting dark with the art class starting at 7:00 kind of cuts it short And it was too dark to take good pictures of the fence and pasture. I promise to get good pictures in the morning when I leave them out again, so I’ll blog and post them in the morning. OK. Goodnight!

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