Monday, November 17

Monday Eve, Nov. 17th… I Am Slower Than Some Dead Thing!

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Remove Formatting from selectionIf I went any slower……I’d have to walk backward! I don’t know if I goof off, just start to late or am truly dead and to damned stupid to fall over.
At this rate, I’ll need to ask for an extension on life to get a few more little things done before I am called home, or I’ll be late for that too.
Jeese…… we put batten boards on until we ran out of ring galvanized ring nails, so had to quit and never got to the nylon. We did however, get the majority of batten strips on before running out of nails, be we need to find more before continuing. We also got the canvas material on the door to the chickens where we could not use boards. We had to use canvas so the door could open without contacting wood, so we stretched canvas across the opening like a hinge. If we can run to GNH Lumber tomorrow and they have the ring nails, we can finish it. (I hope)
We almost froze to death a couple times out there and then after quitting, still had to close in all the animals and gather eggs. The coyote are out in full force tonight. We heard them just before dark……running something to death…… I hate them when they run down a fawn or other small animal. I WILL shoot them on sight! I will not loose chickens and ducks, or have our dogs attacked by them…….because I will shoot them on sight. Day or night. How about wishing us luck tomorrow…… Vick does fine, but I need it!
Oh, by the way…… a day or so ago I mentioned that Vicki and I don’t have any kids of our own. Remember? Well, I need to elaborate on that a little……… we do not have any children of natural birth to us, but I really have a son and daughter in Long Island and a Grandson too. They are Vicki’s first husband Carl’s son, Bill and daughter-in-law, Loraine and their son Andrew. Although we are not related by DNA or blood, I have in a sense, proudly adopted Bill and Loraine as my son and daughter and Andrew as my Grandson. I was equally proud when they also accepted me as family and if it wasn’t close to 6 hours to and from East Meadow, Long Island and we had someone to take care of the critters here on the farm, Vicki and I would spend a day with them for Thanksgiving and a day with her brother and parents too. Hell, if we could, we could head to Pa and spend a day with my dad and his new wife, or my brother too. I guess we’ll just have to look forward to our visit with our kids on Martin Luther Day, (if all works out well) when they come up here to visit a few days. If only it weren’t so cold then

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