Monday, November 17

Monday, Nov. 17th… They said chilly and it is…… but no snow!

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Wow, I was expecting to awake to cold temperatures and snow flurries all day long. They said it wouldn’t get out of the low twenties, but it is 41 degrees here already and the sun is shining brightly in a cloudy blue sky. Now I check the 12 hour forecast and they say it is to get to 40 degrees today and rain showers instead of snow flurries. Like I used to say in Pa. when I lived there……… most of these weather stations couldn’t give you yesterdays weather and get it right most of the time! I’ve already witnessed 6” of partly cloudy I had to shovel to get out of the driveway down there, so I would hope they could do better up here in good ol’ New York.
Yesterday we worked all day long, as I said, and didn’t get completely done with the winterization of the barns. Today we hope for a better outcome. We did have to quit a little early last evening because Vick’s family was coming for dinner and she had to go in early and start cooking and getting ready for that, but we did finish the boards on all sides. Here’s what it looked like when we quit last evening when it was just about dark.

Last nights egg gathering after we were done working. 47 chicken & 4 duck eggs..... 1 turkey into the incubator is now seven to be hatched.........

Every morning I view the Pupskill Lake Pond on the way out to feed the birds. It's beautiful in the fall.

The duck house before trim & nylon.

The chicken house.....

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Now, today, we will install the batten boards, trim and the actual nylon covering over the vent openings for winter. We’ll definitely finish that today and have pictures this evening.

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