Sunday, November 16

Sunday, Nov. 16th… And a Happy, Chilly, Fall morning to ya all……

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This morning chased the rain
away with a brisk north wind, signaling the influx of cold temperatures in the coming days, as foretold by all the weather guru’s over the last few days. We have had it easy here for the last couple of years and this just might be the start of a big change this winter. They are only giving rain a chance today, as they project it to be snow over the next ten days, anytime it decides to drop precipitation. Well, we’re almost ready…… and today, we will cut and nail boards until the sun sets, then we will be finished with all the outside work once the boards and nylon sheeting is in place. We’ll snap some pictures of the finished, winterized, outside runs, so you can see how they turned out. The cost of the nylon sheeting (the same heavy duty covering that is used to cover tables and is about 1/32 of an inch thick & clear as glass) is the most cost effective material available anywhere for this purpose. This nylon will be stretched over the original window like vent openings, to close off the chicken wire, which provides ventilation during the summer and then strips of ¾ x 1 ¼ wood strips added, to hold the nylon in place. In the spring, we remove the wood strips and roll the nylon and store it all until next fall.
Only eleven more days until Thanksgiving, which is the start of the official holiday season! Make preparations early, so you can sit back and enjoy the seasons with the rest of your guests.
The goal of the season is to raise your kids and when they are married and have kids of their own, you sit back at their house and enjoy watching them fix the Thanksgiving day meal for you…… just as you did them when they were little. The problem for Vicki and I, is that we have no kids…… so we have to cook or mooch the meal at her brother’s house as he provides for Vicki’s parents. We could also go to one of the many restaurants that take reservations for Thanksgiving dinner……… but alas, there is very little holiday appeal to that…… it just doesn’t give you that warm, homey feeling one should embrace throughout the holidays. I think maybe, we should just be thankful we are welcome to share Thanksgiving with family...... As it should be...... after all...Christmas dinner is coming too!
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