Saturday, November 15

Sat. Eve, Nov. 15th… round, round get around.. I get around…….

Today was another fine, rainy day used to fulfill the running around we need to do from time to time. We had to go to Hudson to drop off a rescue animal at the L&M Pets store, after which, we had lunch at the Spring Garden Chinese restaurant in the Columbia Mall. Then a quick run to pick up 1½ peck of apples on route 81 and it was off to the Colonie Center Mall to the L.L. Bean store to return a pair of my pants and then on to a few more places to shop for needed articles. When we finally returned home, we fed the animals and gathered one turkey egg, which was the last of six to be placed in the incubator to hopefully hatch. From now on…… they will be treated like all the other eggs we collect. FOOD! We picked four duck eggs and 47 chicken eggs from today alone. That’s almost four dozen eggs a day. I’m so happy we have friends that regularly come to buy eggs from us. I just sold 26 dozen this morning to one of our friends from the city. He has a large family and distributes them among the members of the family. The other day, I sold twelve dozen to his brother, and another brother will be coming up in a week or so and would like another twelve or fifteen dozen. After selling the 26 dozen this morning, we had eight dozen left for our other regular customers, and then this evening, gathered another 4 dozen (less 1 egg). In any event, in the morning, I will have 12 dozen eggs in the refrigerator again.
Gotta say hi to our new follower. HI Frances from Texas…… Welcome to the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. Hope you enjoy yourself and we bring a smile to your face. We are glad you joined Kelly, Lisa and Julie as a regular follower of our blog! Again Welcome to all of you!!!!!!

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