Monday, November 3

Monday Eve, Nov. 3rd… Tomorrow is the election and I hate it!!

Tomorrow is like going to the bathroom without any toilet paper… It’s bound to get dirty and nasty…… in fact it will surely stink too!
Who wants to vote when there is nothing to vote for? Have you seriously looked at what our choices are?

We have a democrat that says his past 20 years was spent in a church, listening to and exposing his children to a man he doesn’t agree with and has never held the same views as Jeremiah Wright….in all the 20 years he attended…… every Sunday…… listening to a man that hates America…… every Sunday and he doesn’t agree with him????????? Also, it seems that for years he has been keeping company with most of the towel head swamis of the middle east or anyone that seems to hate us, yet he wants to lead us!! Where to, I wanna know???????

Then we have an old Republican fart that can’t remember how many houses he owns……… will he remember what country he is President of??? Or where that damned button is that you push to launch the boom-boom rockets??? Who is my VP??? Joe the plumber is my friend……a PERSONAL FRIEND! Is he my VP??? Well he should BE!!! You know….during the Cuban missile crisis…while Kennedy was walking in circles, wringing his hands and worrying, making life and death decisions….. Big Bad John was TESTED. He sat on a flight deck waiting for someone to decide if he should take off and bomb something and what, while Kennedy decided what our entire country should do… while the Pentagon dealt with all the intelligence given them……BUT… John McCain, was tested…… as he sat there in his little air plane waiting to go play war, if allowed. How was he tested??????

Then there is the chance we could have good ol’ Joe Biden for a president if something happens to Swami Bamma…… He seems like a likable, jolly fellow…… He was the 5th youngest US senator in history…… one who enjoyed sports and socializing better than studying at the University of Delaware in Newark… played half back for the football team, but chose to drop out in his Junior year to chase after his out-of-state girlfriend in Syracuse, NY which became his first wife. (I guess he dropped out of that too) I wonder what he will do in the middle of being President (if he ever was) and he decided he loved something more than being President… and if he was President… how many foreign diplomats would he say the wrong thing to???? Talks too much you know!! Obama said so!

Then we have the barracuda lady from Alaska…… She winks and smiles and watches Russia every day…… Keeps an eye on them so they don't get away with anything. She seems smarter than the Republican party wanted her to appear at first, yet she still makes light of things she doesn’t know or isn’t sure of. She might be just what we need if she knows how to juggle the books when caught, wink and finger shoot (Bang) as she tells ya she’ll get back to ya on that one… and she might just ride over to Russia on a snow mobile with her hubby and her moose musket and clean house if they piss her off!

Now I ask ya…… Who could ask for a better Presidential choice than these?????? I can hardly wait!!! Do they serve coffee and doughnuts if you get to the polls early in the morning tomorrow? Can I vote for all of them??

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