Tuesday, November 4

Tuesday, Nov. 4th… ELECTION DAY…… Finally, it is almost over!!!!

What a busy day today has turned into already. We have an appointment to get a haircut at 2:00 o’clock today, (Vick’s regular trim, but badly needed by me) We have to stop and vote, (what a choice) and then we have to go to Ed Pooter’s Middle Field Lumber to pick up our fence boards. We can then install the fence railings and get ready to white wash the entire fence. We will then have a completed pasture… fenced in… for the Alpaca’s when they arrive next spring. Besides, it will make the barn look finished….finally.
If there is any more time left today, we will dig the little trench across the driveway and install the wire for the barn lights and such. There are still a few outside lights that need installed so we can see to go to the barn at night without a flashlight. All in a days work to us……but to most people up here…… all in a months work!!
All joking aside, all this work is good for us, because I’ve lost 15 pounds and Vicki has lost a bunch too. I needed to drop weight and exercise more, because my blood test indicated borderline diabetes (109)….not really bad yet, but leaning that way and my father has been a diabetic, on shots for 10 years, so I’m a candidate for it. Now is the time to change the numbers. We have also cut out soda, all junk food and we both stay away from carbohydrates which instantly turn to sugar. We now eat apples and bananas in moderation… very little potatoes, bread and pasta, etc. and more greens like broccoli and salads with our meals. When we eat out, we study the menu more, looking for the best of the evils present and stay away from the worst evils altogether. We also have a full exercise gym set up in the basement with a elliptical runner, a tread mill, an ab lounger and the original Bowflex workout gym. We did all these every night, before Vick hurt her back this past spring, so we now need to get back to doing it religiously again. Work and exercise…… a known remedy for high sugar…being over weight and
Having lots of energy. (especially after the elliptical runner for a mile)

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