Tuesday, November 4

Tuesday, Nov. 4th… Voting?? The polls close 75 minutes here!!!!!!

Well…… It’s toe stepping time here at the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm! Like Popeye always said, “That’s all I can stands and I can’t stands no more!!!!”
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The race is winding down and as I’ve said….in about an hour and 15 minutes the polls close here. 11:00 o’clock our time for the west coast and at 1:00 AM our time, in Alaska……the polls close and this election is officially over. If Barack Obama wins, I fear for the world as we know it!
I will now admit that I don’t care for a man that spends so much time with another, listening to his preaching’s, having his children baptized by this hate monger and continued to attend the radical teachings of hating the United States for twenty years. The man ranted and screamed that our government infected African Americans with AIDS to annihilate the black race and cursed America. He then stated that we asked for the 9-11 disaster because we dropped bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during the war. You will never convince me that you can attend church 52 times a year for twenty years, plus all the other church functions and then say you don’t follow this mans thinking and agree with what he is preaching. It is too much like the way people flocked to an unknown speaker who was going to change the world in the early 40’s…… such an eloquent speaker and scholar that he had millions of followers wearing black arm bands and doing his will. History is destined to repeat itself as they say, but we must stand our ground and not allow it to happen again. It is not a good thing to have a civilian militia stronger than the armed forces…… for that is what Hitler had back then… and it scares me now. Senator Obama has too many ties with some really nasty names in the world. Names that also hate the American way of life and would love to snuff us out of existence.
All we can do is vote and pray to God that this man fails in his quest to hand our country to the enemies of freedom.
Say what you will about John McCain, but the facts of history show his courage, faith and conviction to this country and freedom. He was captured, beat and tortured for five years and never betrayed his country by uttering one bit of information to the enemy. He proved his love of country and I think he will defend us again. Obama never protected anything and wants to give it all away. Either he is naive, stupid or conniving in his actions……… and we can’t condone that! Remember this…… if we don’t like some of McCain’s policies, like abortion…. We can change those things with laws and representation…… But if your leader is sleeping with the enemy, (as Obama appears to be) your leader can give it all away before we can change it!

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