Wednesday, November 5

Wednesday, Nov. 5th… Foggy… no rain but cloudy forever…………

Let’s hope this is not the trend in this country after last night, when all of America was duped by the promise of change. I still fear for all of us. The very sad truth is we don't really know anything about this man; no hard questions were ever asked and if a reporter tried to ask any, they were banned. All we really know is that he preached “change, change, change.” Jeremiah Wright preached about change too. I would ask that you to read your history books, for just a couple of minutes, referencing how Cuba wanted change and flocked after a youthful, charismatic speaking candidate, and guess what…… they are still living with that change; his name is Castro. Ask many of those hopeful people about being duped and the life they lived as a result of “change”.
I have seen Obama’s book and read several excerpts on the Internet about all the things he has said about white people in that book and his associates, like Reverend Wright and others who say they would rather help the Muslims than we Americans because we are all vile and corrupt. I still fail to see how his taxing of big corporations will provide incentives to keep jobs here rather than sending them out of our country…… I fear just the opposite. Just as adding one trillion dollars to our national debt will never help us recover from our financial crisis….in fact, again, I fear the opposite. I suppose congratulations are in order for Obama, but I think I will leave that to the terrorists of the world who are probably thrilled to death to think of Obama‘s planning to cut 25% of our defense budget. Today may be known as the last day in a democratic, patriotic America for which our forefathers, fathers, brothers and sons fought and died. A kind of middle east, socialism may be well on its way. Perhaps we may see the day when we no longer will we be free to earn an honest living and reap the rewards of our labors. It appears that only those not willing to work, who are looking for a "free lunch" will reap the benefits of our ingenuity and honest labor as Obama “spreads the wealth”. I will however thank John McCain for being the American he is…… and thank him for his patriotism and unfailing love of this country which he fought for, while enduring pain and suffering as a POW. He was a prisoner of war for five years in Viet Nam… was starved and tortured, yet never betrayed our trust in him or our country as one of our soldiers. I’m sorry he lost because of failed Republican policy from the past, but I will proudly state, as a Democratic patriot, I am proud that I supported him and voted for him because he is a PROVEN AMERICAN!!
No one really knows anything about Barack Obama? Before this election he wasn’t associated with anything or anyone appealing to true Americans……He abstained from Senate votes more than participated……And anything dealing with the flag or country, he voted against…… He hung out with thugs, terrorists and hate mongers of Americans. I don’t like him and all that he stands for!
He will be a man of change and of different origin…… now where did I read about this before??? Those who know my reference, recognize the fears we should all have of this man. In a few short months we could all be weeping for our beloved country after the coming change! Let’s just all pray to God that I’m wrong!!!!!!!!

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