Wednesday, November 5

Wednesday, Nov. 5th… All’s well that ends well….well sometimes!

What a day today was…… We started out going to the bank to deposit some checks and then stopped at the farmer that supplies us with hay when we need it. We asked if he had any hay available and he replied that he had just baled a wagon load yesterday that he could bring up from the field so we didn’t have to remove from the barn, what he had just put in. With that, we ran home and got the truck and trailer. We returned immediately to find a waiting farmer who sold us 40 bales of his hay, which we took home and immediately placed up in the loft, where it will remain clean and dry. This is good, second cutting hay with a little, dried, green grass showing and a low moisture content, making it premium stuff. I would like to fill the loft with this stuff if we could, but the farmer doesn’t want to sell much more and we won’t have the Alpaca’s until next spring anyway, but still, I’d like to fill the loft and have it there, the way everything is going in the economy and all.
After stowing the hay, we went to work on the fence around the pasture. That was a pleasure compared to some of the work we’ve completed in the last couple of months. Every board we put on the posts, made it look more and more like a working farm. The barn really looks like a barn with the fence on it. Like Vicki said, it needed the fence to really look like a barn.
We are going down the road about a mile to see Charlie, our friend that had the heart attack and by-pass surgery recently. We told his wife we would come by tomorrow since they had a late afternoon appointment at the doctors office today, but he just called and preferred we come this evening to visit for a bit, so at 7:30, we are going visiting. We won’t stay long so he doesn’t get over tired. When we get home, I think I will make the design drawings for the Hospice gift shop we will be building this coming spring. We need the drawings and material list so we can get started on the permits, so they are ready when we are. The town requires a plan showing the building and where it will be located on the property. TAXES you know! It’s always about taxes… Always.

Below are pictures of the days events, including two that show you how well Timmy is doing and one showing a beautiful sunset to end a pretty nice day.

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