Thursday, November 6

Thurs. eve, Nov. 6th… Say hello to the Dum-dum boy!!!!

The Dum-dum is me!!! We ran out of lumber to complete the fence and after checking……… it was quite clear indeed, that I need a little course in my times tables. There were 19 openings of one size and 19 openings of another length, so I multiplied 19 x 3 boards and got 27 boards. (lost the little carried 2, that little stinker…) That makes you 20 boards short……… and if you are so sure of yourself, with another 19 openings needing boards of another length, you naturally use the 27 again. Now you’re 40 boards short! So yes… I had to tell Vicki I screwed up and I’m not too bright! She didn’t care…… the fact remained…we we’re 40 boards short. Well, all I can do is tell you I put em’ in place and nailed them while Vicki cut them to length, so her arms hurt tonight too. These were rough cut to a full 6” wide by 5/4 thick and some were 10 feet long..... Heavy.... heavy, green, wet, boards… But pretty! We’ll both sleep good tonight. We just ran out of boards as the rain started to fall with conviction……… so we quit!

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